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Public Skate: Out for Redemption

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Last time the Bruins were in the Nation's Capital...well, nevermind.

Claude Julien continued the sneaky strategery on Saturday by putting Tim Thomas in net in Saturday's 2-1 loss to Pittsburgh, thereby saving him from being thrown to the wolves at the Verizon Center on Sunday, where the Bruins look to end avoid just their second three-game losing streak on the season.

Washington came back from the all-star break slow, losing a 4-3 overtime decision to Tampa and a 4-2 bout with Florida before working over the Montreal Canadiens in Montreal on Saturday afternoon. The Capitals started with Montreal at 2 PM on Saturday, so while they have the advantage of home ice, Boston will have had more rest and less travel coming into the game.

It wouldn't be surprising to see Claude Julien try to mix up his lines a little bit, especially with over two-thirds of Boston's shots on Saturday coming from the defense. The easiest move - one that switches Benoit Pouliot and Rich Peverley - was made a bit more difficult, however, after Pouliot played a less-than-stellar game on Saturday. Jordan Caron will probably be in the lineup, but whether that's in place of Zach Hamill or another Bruins forward remains to be seen.

Regardless of who's playing where, the Bruins face a stiff test today - with their minds likely on the Patriots in the Super Bowl tonight and their bodies tired after a matinee on Saturday and with frustration at a recent high, it's gut check time for Boston.