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Hitting The Links: Recovery Mode Edition

Welp, that atrocity of a football season is over, finally. I've seen enough shirtless Rob Gronkowski photos to last me easily until next August, the Bruins are busy being awesome with children during their time off, and tomorrow we finally get another game. FINALLY. The push for the playoffs is getting interesting, and while tomorrow's opponent might not really be a contender, every two points matters.

Plus, LOL - it's Buffalo. Brace for drama!

After the jump, some adventures to clear your schedule for, some players the Bruins probably won't be acquiring, and hey, Brooks Laich isn't as broken as we thought...

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins have a TON of cap space to play with, it seems. But what's better - getting a rental or reserving money to sign some free-agents? [ESPN]
  • Zach Hamill on waivers, lol. He'll clear and go to Providence if no one claims him by noon EST today. [Globe]
  • Jordan Caron went to the Hair Cuttery! [Patch]
  • If you are going on the Chowdah road trip to invade New York, read this fanpost now. [CoC]
  • And don't make plans for the last weekend of January All Stars are coming to invade Providence! [Projo]
  • David Krejci visited the Riverdale School yesterday to teach about working out. [Bruins]

NHL News:

  • Well, not really NHL, but hey who's surprised raise your hands - BU will face BC in the Beanpot final. [Globe]
  • The Coyotes beat the Red Wings 3-1 last night. Aaaand the Central Division just got tighter. [Freep]
  • Brooks Laich's injury isn't major! And Caps fans everywhere rejoiced. [ESPN]
  • Tuomo Ruutu might re-sign in Carolina. Cross him off the list of guys Chiarelli might be acquiring. [News Observer]
  • Jarome Iginla thinks the Flames can still make playoffs. [Sun]