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Hitting The Links: Buffalo Sauce Edition

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The Bruins head to Buffalo to take on the Sabres tonight. It should be fun, this is probably the most interesting of all the divisional rivalries this year. Let's face it: Montreal is boring this year, the Leafs are always good for a chuckle but meh, and Ottawa is never tres exciting. But games against Buffalo come with lots of Ryan Miller drama and nonsense! Therefore, they are my preferred divisional games of choice this year.

After the jump, win a date with Tyler Seguin. Yes, I'm serious. No, this isn't a joke.

Bruins News:

  • Should the media hound Claude Julien for Nathan Horton health updates the way Pittsburgh media has hounded the Penguins' staff? [Puck Daddy]
  • David Krejci has been bumped down a line, and he discusses his demotion here. [ESPN]
  • Tyler Seguin renewed his deal with Dunkin Donuts, which includes a "Bromance and Romance" contest where you can win a date with him oh god how embarrassing. [Globe]
  • Zach Hamill can't cut it with the Bruins. All there is to it. [Herald]
  • Cam Neely is quite satisfied with the Bruins' goaltending as the deadline approaches. [CBS Local]
  • Just why ARE the Bruins so successful? [Rant Sports]

NHL News:

  • Former Bruin Byron Bitz had a goal and an assist for Vancouver last night! [Corny's awesome fanpost]
  • The Devils and Rangers don't like each other. They started fighting as soon as the game started last night. [Yardbarker]
  • Could Jimmy Howard be back by next weekend? [Freep]
  • Brian Elliott KO'd his former team last night. feelsgoodman.jpg [Sun]