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Hitting The Links: Spring Break Edition

Hey remember when this didn't happen? LOL.
Hey remember when this didn't happen? LOL.

It's time for a little more sunshine for the Bruins. Not happy fun times sunshine, but actual, literal Florida sunshine. They're facing two teams this week that are at least trying to contend for playoffs; while the Panthers might be a little more successful this year, you can never count the Lightning out.

After the jump, Krys Barch on concussions, who is going to carry this comically injured Bruins team, and more...

Bruins News:

  • David Krejci needs to be the man in Boston. Recently, he has been, and it's been a bright spot in a dull time for the Bruins. [PHT]
  • No suspension for Evgeni Malkin after his hotly debated hit on Johnny Boychuk. But we saw that coming a mile away. [WCVB]
  • The Bruins aren't folding, despite being incredibly injured right now. [CBS Local]
  • Come on up, Trent Whitfield. [Globe]
  • The Florida trip is a good opportunity for the Bruins to figure out how to make things work in their current situation. [CBS Local]
  • Marty Turco did okay on Sunday, and that's all we can really ask of him. [Globe]

NHL News:

  • Saku Koivu remembers his time in Montreal as he plays his 1000th NHL game. [Post]
  • Captain Canada and Colorado College standout Jaden Schwartz just signed with the Blues. It's business time. [SLGT]
  • Andrei Markov sighting! He played his second game of the season for the Canadiens last night. [Gazette]
  • Phil Kessel is real mad about the Maple Leafs right now. [TSN]
  • Krys Barch says if soldiers can risk their lives at war, than hockey players can risk concussions. Interesting angle. [Sun-sentinel]
  • Dustin Byfuglien is a phenom in Winnipeg right now. It's kind of sweet. [Sun]