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Hitting The Links: Raptor Jesus Skates Today! Edition

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Come back to us raptor jesus!
Come back to us raptor jesus!

I'm pretty speechless after that game last night. At one point I had to get up and walk around outside to calm down and talk myself off the "ITS THE END OF THE WORLD THIS IS AWFUL!" ledge.

The Bruins look really, really bad.

Luckily the news isn't all terrible. Rich Peverley is scheduled to skate today. Will the team start getting more of their walking wounded back? We can dream. This team is built to go deep in the playoffs if they're healthy, and if the timeline plays out as it should, both Peverley and Rask should be back before April 15. Everyone cross your fingers and start praying.

After the jump, Tyler Myers suspended, the Capitals actually won last night, and the Panthers are pretty good...

Bruins News

  • The Bruins got absolutely pounded last night, you all know this, sorry about reminding you and stuff. [Telegram]
  • This blogger dude seems to think that a few lost games in March (okay, a bunch of lost games in March) = no more Stanley Cup run. We will see. [Globe]
  • Yeah, last night was shockingly bad. Okay we're done here. [Herald]

NHL News:

  • The Panthers beat the Maple Leafs last night. Their fans are all like OMG PLAYOFFS! It's cute. [Miami Herald]
  • Alexander Radulov could come back overseas to play for the Predators this season. Sort of cheating because they needed special permission from the NHLPA but ehhh...whatever. [Tennessean]
  • Tyler Myers was suspended three games for a hit on Scott Gomez. [CBS Sports]
  • Steven Stamkos got #50 last night. He could be the only 50 goal scorer this season. [PHT]
  • Ilya Bryzgalov recorded his third straight shutout last night. [Philly]
  • The Capitals rallied from behind to beat the Islanders in good fashion, with Matt Hendricks providing the game winner. [Post]