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Hitting the Links: The World is Ending Edition

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The Bruins loss last night had entirely nothing to do with the team, it was obviously directly correlated to the death of Julius Caesar and the Ides of March. Or at least that's what Jack Edwards was rambling about during last night's broadcast.

Flyers games are always interesting and that team has only lost a single game in their last eight. Additionally, Ilya Bryzgalov set a franchise record for shut out minutes...yes.....a Flyers goalie did something good. Between the that and everything that's been happening in Boston's Back Bay, the world is definitely ending.

After the jump: the Bruins signed a goalie out of the WHL, Dougie Hamilton is awesome, CROSBY IS BACK and hockey hair.

Bruins News:

  • Sigh. The Bruins lost again. The longest winless streak since March of 2011. [Boston Globe]
  • Tim Thomas is not happy about all this losing....obviously. He does not have the answers. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Look at this break down of the Bruins break down by the numbers. [Cup a Bruin]
  • At least Dougie Hamilton is awesome. He had three points last nights in the Niagara IceDogs 8-1 win that clinched the regular season Eastern Conference title. [Niagara IceDogs]
  • Goalies for everyone! Vancouver Giants goalie Adam Morrison signed a 3-year entry level contract with the Bruins. [Our Sports Central]
  • Hallmark Health and the Bruins have teamed up and are going to teach student athletes, coaches, parents and even more people about concussions. [Wicked Local]
  • CONSPIRACY. Vancouver and Tony Gallagher are still sad trombone about losing. [CBS Boston]
Hockey News:
  • Are the Toronto Maple Leafs soon going to be chanting "Thank You Kessel" too? Damien Cox proposes getting rid of Kessel. [Toronto Star]
  • Bryzgalov broke a 12 year shut out record last night. []
  • Speaking of records, the Norfolk Admirals, the affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning, have 16 wins in a row. That is one game away from tying an AHL record and they could do that tonight. [Norfolk Admirals]
  • He's back again! Sidney Crosby came back last night. [NHL]
  • That's exciting for NHL players too because they ranked him as first in the league and Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings as second. [Detroit Free Press]
  • The NHL is still overcoming a lot of things in today's game including racism. Back in the day, race was such a huge thing that Conn Smythe once said he would pay $10,000 to turn player Herb Carnegie white. Carnegie, who just passed, played well before Willie O'Ree and the best offer he got was a minor league offer from the New York Rangers. [Globe and Mail]
  • Something the NHL has been doing recently is supporting and embracing gay athletes more, especially with the "You Can Play" project. But why aren't more players coming out? [Forbes]
  • Let's end this on a happy note: the All Hockey Hair Team 2012. [Youtube]