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Hitting The Links: That Sh*t Krej(ci) Edition

It is seriously Krej up in here.
It is seriously Krej up in here.

Yes I know Days of Y'Orr made this joke like 15 minutes ago, but HOW CAN YOU NOT. also I had it typed into the headline already, great minds, etc.

How about that hat trick? The move back to center and Seguin on the wing has clearly swept the February doldrums away. Although, if he calls Seguin "horty" again I might break out into full-on hysterical sobbing. Come back, Horton!

After the jump, the Jets routed Florida, Max Pacioretty dives and zero people are surprised, Krejci is awesome, and more...

Bruins News:

  • Looks like Andrew Ference might be out with a lower-body injury again. [WEEI]
  • Krej-trick! Krej-trick! Krej-trick! is a recap. [Milford Daily News]
  • And another one. [Herald]
  • Johnny Boychuk's recovery is moving right along. [MWD News]
  • Nobody expects the Bruins to catch the Rangers at this point, even if it's mathematically possible. [Telegram]

NHL News:

  • Canucks fans are frantically reaching to compare Zack Kassian to Milan Lucic. They are really obsessed with the Bruins, it's getting kind of awkward. [Faceoff]
  • THIS IS NOT A DRILL: DON CHERRY IS ON TWITTER. The real one, that is. [PHT]
  • Could Steve Mason be getting his groove back? [Blue Jackets Xtra]
  • The Jets routed the Panthers 7-0 last night. They might still win the division. [Sun]
  • The Canucks beat the Blues 2-0 in a "measuring stick" game. The Blues didn't measure up. [NBC]
  • What a dive by Max Pacioretty last night. Check this out. [Yahoo]