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Wednesday Morning Thread: GAME WATCH PARTY TIME


Dennis Wideman wears the number that happens to be the magic number of points for the Bruins to clinch the division.

2 opportunities coming right up for y'all to watch the Bruins with your favorite pals before the playoffs in like 2 weeks. Where has the time gone? Seems like only yesterday I was cursing Jagr's name for scoring his 1600th point against the Bruins on banner night.

Anyhow, your 2 options are after the jump:

1. Come to New York this weekend!

Yes we already bought tickets or whatever but y'all can definitely come down to at least long island and enjoy a game. Get a couple friends together at approximately early-as-heck o'clock and road trip down for a day of fun and mocking Islander fans for giving up Brian Rolston who apparently decided to not suck suddenly. Not really though, Islander fans are generally pretty nice and they've suffered enough.

2. Come to a viewing party!

Assuming that the Four's isn't being rented out for the Buffalo game on April 5th, we'll be heading there to watch the Bruins take on Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Yellow-Bellies (hopefully for the last time this season). We'll get some space set aside one way or another and probably the big screen going (if we're downstairs). Nothing happening at the Garden proper that night so it should be good!

Hope to see y'all at one or both of these!

Non-Bruins Highlight of the Night:

Frans Nielsen scores an easy one as Pittsburgh's defense runs their own goalie.