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EA Sports NHL 13 Cover: Tyler Seguin & Tuukka Rask Nominated for NHL 13 Cover


Something about this seems a little bit off, no?

Tyler Seguin and Tuukka Rask - not Tim Thomas - are the Bruins' two nominees for the cover of next year's EA Sports NHL 13.

Two players from each NHL team were nominated for the cover, and fans can vote for their favorites as many as ten times per day over at EA's NHL 13 website.

Catch is, you can only vote for one player per team in each vote, which means all you beautiful people are going to have to split your votes between Seguin and Rask, or side with one of them in particular.

On the one hand, this is a blessing because it will help us to sort out who's on Team Tyler and who's on Team Tuukka among all the 14-year old "biggest Bruins fan ever"s on Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, there's something missing here.