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Fresh Links: Now Can We Clinch? Edition

womp womp, Rolston's points streak ended.
womp womp, Rolston's points streak ended.

If the Penguins win in regulation tonight, the Bruins clinch a playoff spot. Cool. I will cheer for the Penguins tonight and zero other nights.

Did anyone else listen to last year's playoff montage on 98.5 this morning? I tuned in just for that. Still gives me the chills nine months later. Man. I can't wait for playoffs to start again.

To everyone going to New York this weekend: HAVE ALL THE FUN!!!

After the jump, the Flyers demolished the Maple Leafs, the Islanders are trying to play spoiler, Flames fans are real mad, KHUDOBINMANIA, and PILE ON THE ISLE 2012!!!

Bruins News:

  • So the hit on Adam McQuaid was "reckless but not dirty." I thought reckless hits were supposed to get additional punishment too? Oh inconsistency. [Mass Live]
  • The Bruins failed to clinch last night. Damn shootouts. [Milford Daily News]
  • But they can clinch tonight if PGH wins. So can the Blackhawks if the Oilers win. [NHL]
  • Anton Khudobin is ready to go and is just awaiting the callup. Here we go. [Projo]
  • #BergeronforSelke? Always. [ESPN]
  • The first episode of Bear and the Gang (NOT the intro!) is online! [Bruins]

NHL News

  • What happens if the Sharks don't make the playoffs? I laugh, that's what. [PHT]
  • Some fan threw a jersey on the ice the other night at the Flames game. Tom Kostopoulos was pissed. [Herald]
  • Time for the Habs to begin the Post-Gauthier era. [CBC]
  • These might be Milan Hejduk's last few NHL games. [Camera]
  • The Flyers demolished the Maple Leafs last night, and Leafs fans chanted "Lets go Blue Jays!" lol. [CSN Philly]
  • The Devils scored 6 on the Lightning, despite Ryan Malone's hat trick for the Bolts. Womp Womp. [Miami Herald]
  • Whatever, this is adorable. What would the St. Louis Blues be like as a team of squirts? [SLGT]