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Hitting the Links: Picking Up the Pieces Weekend Edition

Yesterday was one of those games where the 2 points don't really mean all that much but you just feel like there should be a consolation prize or something. The Bruins lost Tuukka Rask and Daniel Paille to injury during the game, and both injuries seem to be at least somewhat serious, especially Rask's. For all of that, it would've been nice to win the game, but John Tavares scored late and the Bruins couldn't tie it.

There's no rest for the Bruins as they travel to New York today to take on the first-place Rangers. Rask and Paille will not make the trip. It looks like Tim Thomas will be bearing the burden for a while, at least until the Bruins pick up a goalie off the free-agent pile. Marty Turco, anyone? They need someone to support Timmy. Hopefully with all the injuries this team will band together and pick it up. Honestly, today's game could make or break this season.

After the jump, more injury talk,

Bruins News

  • The Bruins said all the right things after yesterday's game in advance of the Rangers matchup but they have to prove it on the ice. [ESPN]
  • Johnny Boychuk returned last night from a concussion and made it through the game fine. Yay good injury news! [ESPN]
  • Is this the injury that kills the season? I don't think so. You grab a veteran goalie as a backup, and you try to give Timmy some rest. You're not going to get anyone nearly as good as Rask, but a guy like Turco is adequate. The article notes that Rask left on crutches yesterday . . .not good. [WEEI]
  • It would be kinda nice to maybe get a little offense from guys other than Krejci, Lucic, or Seguin. [CSNNE]
  • Rask's injury comes at a bad time in the schedule, with 19 games in 35 days coming up. [NESN]
  • Lane MacDermid and Michael Hutchinson were sent to Boston to join the team on the road trip. Hutchinson will back up Thomas today. [Projo]

NHL News

  • Don't you just love when a win over the Bruins means a team has optimism? Good for the Islanders. [Puck Daddy]
  • Don Cherry went after Brian Burke last night because the Leafs are the only team without a player from Ontario on their roster. Well you know, I think Brampton's in Ontario . . . This is like something that would happen with Montreal and French-Canadians. Get over it, Don. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • If the season ended today, the Bruins would get the Senators in a 2-7 matchup. I am perfectly fine with that. [NHL]
  • The Leafs beat the Habs 3-1 in Randy Carlyle's coaching debut. [TSN]
  • Watch Seguin's ridiculous goal from yesterday's game. That's amazing vision from Chara. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Should there be a 3-2-1 system in the NHL for points, with 3 for a regulation win, 2 for an OT/shootout win, and 1 for an OT/shootout loss? Steve Yzerman agrees, and Ken Holland disagrees. Personally, I say leave it alone. [ESPN]

Biggest game of the year today? I think so.