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Hitting The Links: M.A.S.H. Unit Edition

Welp, for his first game, he certainly held his own.
Welp, for his first game, he certainly held his own.

It's starting to feel like 2009-2010 again up in here on this Bruins team, isn't it? With Daniel Paille, Andrew Ference, Nathan Horton, Rich Peverley, and now Tuukka Rask sidelined by injury, the number of Providence callups in the lineup alarming, and the losses beginning to pile up, there's definitely shades of years past sneaking in here.

Although the loss to the Rangers was a tough one, there were bright spots. Lane MacDermid's first NHL fight in his first NHL game. Tenacity; the team didn't just roll over and quit when New York got the jump on them. And against the best team in the East, losing by one goal is not the end of the world. Tomorrow they face the new-coach Maple Leafs; today, news about Tuukka Rask's injury will come out. Brace yourselves.

After the jump, the curious case of a forward playing goalie, Brad Marchand's diary, and more...

Bruins News:

  • Matt Brown's ceremonial puck drop was an emotional one on Saturday, for sure. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Rangers still have command over the Bruins. I mean, this isn't anything new, here. [Telegram]
  • Brad Marchand's diary details his trip to Disney World, the White House visit, and more. [ESPN]
  • "LaneMac" had his NHL debut on Sunday, and didn't look too shabby. [Owen Sound Sun-Times]
  • Jordan Caron's goal was a big one for the Bruins rookie. Scoring depth is at a premium right now. [Herald]
  • In prospect news, "KoKo" is out for the season with a lacerated spleen. Suck. [Windsor Star]

NHL News:

  • Brian and Patrick Burke launched You Can Play on Sunday, with the first public announcement happening during the Bruins-Rangers game, a charity to help closeted hockey players. According to this article, it sounds like Zdeno Chara is on board to help support it. [Post]
  • In the OHL this weekend, a forward had to play in goal when the team's only goalie went out with an injury. [PHT]
  • Mike Komisarek is looking forward to a fresh start under Randy Carlisle. [Sun]
  • The Red Wings lost Jimmy Howard to injury again over the weekend. [Detroit News]
  • Dale Hunter is trying to send a message of accountability to Capitals players. Problem is, does his message translate well to Russian? [CSN]
  • Finally, if you're down in the dumps because it's Monday and losing sucks, check out this two year old who can adorably name all the NHL teams. I want this to be my child someday. [Youtube]