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Hitting The Links: Not Quite Quota, But Enough For A Win Edition

Sorry I'm not sorry I will always use photos of P-Bruins whenever I can
Sorry I'm not sorry I will always use photos of P-Bruins whenever I can

Man, I really wanted the Bruins to make quota last night. Sad face.

Today is a big day for the Bruins. Will they get Marty Turco? How bad is Benoit Pouliot's lower-body injury? Relatedly, how much does it suck that just as soon as Pouliot's line with Jordan Caron and Chris Kelly started to really make waves, one of its members had to succumb to injury? Fail, although if it's necessary to call up Carter Camper again, I won't complain ~TOO~ much.

After the jump, a Sean Avery update, Brian Burke loves the Bruins, and other stuff.

Bruins News:

  • The Leafs' defense is really bad. The Bruins exposed that last night. [Sun]
  • How about that Jordan Caron kid, eh? eh? [Globe]
  • The odds are '50-50' that Marty Turco will clear waivers, according to Chiarelli. [Globe]
  • Brian Burke's dream team is the Bruins. That is all. [National Post]
  • Which Bruins really need to step up and carry the team as the season winds down? [THW]

NHL News:

  • Sidney Crosby is cleared for contact, officially. [CBC]
  • The Blackhawks got absolutely ruined last night by the Blues, who are now tied for 1st overall in points in the WHOLE LEAGUE. I am biased in favor of this being awesome. [Sun-Times]
  • The Devils pounded the Rangers in a rough bout last night. Seriously rough. Even Brandon Dubinsky fought (and ruined his hand in the process.) [SBNation]
  • Michael Ryder will have a taste of the playoffs with his new team - the Stars are leading the Pacific. [PHT]
  • Sean Avery is pretty much done with the Rangers franchise. He is not on the Whale's clear day roster. Also let's laugh at the fact that Rangers writers avoid using the name "Whale" as much as they possibly can. Ahahaha. [ESPN]
  • Matt Duchene, Avalanche star forward, left the game last night with an ankle injury. [SBNation]
  • The Burke family is gaining traction with "You Can Play" within the NHL - a sight that is good to see. [NHL]