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Fresh Links: Straight From The Garden Edition

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The Garden's sporting a fresh look these days - no more Celtics banner. It's been replaced by this awesomeness. Excellent.

Only two more days of spinning our wheels before the Capitals invade Boston and the second season begins. Until then, we'll continue to put up some analysis here and try to logic ourselves into feeling comfortable about the first round. Whee!

After the jump, it's draft lottery time, Brian Burke apologizes about the Maple Leafs, and some Caps stuff...

Bruins News:

  • Breaking down the Bruins' chances at another Stanley Cup: Are they good? [USA Today]
  • Top 2011 playoff moments: #1 is an obvious choice, even for national media. [PHT]
  • How is the Alex Ovechkin and Zdeno Chara matchup going to play out? [Post]
  • Nathan Horton is a pretty long shot for the post season. [Channel 3000]
  • Where's the lucky jacket from last season these days? [ESPN]
  • However, Johnny Boychuk and Tuukka Rask should be good to go. [Enterprise News]
  • The Bruins had a little fun before buckling down to prepare for playoffs. [Rant Sports]
  • Local students got to meet Patrice Bergeron at the last game. [Patch]
  • Ray Bourque (random, I know) feels pretty good about the Bruins in this series, and calls Mario Lemieux a whiner. Ho snap. [SBN Washington]

NHL News:

  • This 2012 Playoff Bandwagon guide is pretty excellent. [The Active Stick]
  • Brian Burke vows to make changes and make the Leafs better. Same sh*t, different day. [CBC]
  • Is Braden Holtby ready for this? [Post]
  • The Hurricanes want Zach Parise. Add your names to the long list, Canes. [News Observer]
  • Is Jerome Iginla part of the Flames' future? [Sun]
  • IT'S DRAFT LOTTERY TIIIIIIME!!! Lots of familiar faces in the ol' lottery ball pile this year. [Isles Point Blank]