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Friday Morning Skate: YEAH BOOOYYYYYYYY


It's a great morning to be a former Minnesota Wild player. Marian Gaborik made Craig Anderson look silly, Martin Havlat scored a couple goals, and Brian Rolston gets the assist on the Alternate Captain Chris Kelly OTGWG to break the shutout.

Breakfast always tastes better when the Bruins won a playoff game the night before.

Tonight's games:

Considering that's the veritable feast of playoff hockey from Wednesday plus Florida-New Jersey, should be awesome.

Here's Chris Kelly with The Chain, via Naoko Funyama's twitter. Beauty.



Comment of the night award goes to Phunwin for perseverence in the face of non-stop playoff hockey:

Non-Bruins Highlight of the Night:


It's Friday. Hope you all had a good night's sleep or at least watched a bunch of hockey the last couple nights.

Who are y'all rooting for tonight?

(Correct Answers: Nashville, LA, Florida, Philly)