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Fresh Links: Fake Holiday Edition

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happy scoring pou-pou = happy bruins fans.
happy scoring pou-pou = happy bruins fans.

I remember my first Marathon Monday. You know what I don't really remember? Most of last night's playoff games. Or most of the first overtime from Saturday. See, I, along with St. Louis Game Time's link rat Steph Hartigan, ran the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon yesterday. It was super cool, but not very conducive to staying up for playoff games after.

The short version, as I hear it, is this: Pittsburgh/Philly is clownshoes, Panthers/Devils is yawn-worthy, and Kings/Canucks is the greatest thing to come out of the playoffs this year so far. Dustin Brown is a legend, etc.

The Bruins are in the Nation's Capital today to take on the Caps, in what will hopefully not be an 0-0 overtime game. If the first line can get something going, that would be GREAT. Hang onto your hats.

After the jump, lots of stuff about the NHL's justice system being borked, the Predators won, and some other stuff:

Bruins News:

  • Off down 95 we go, to the Verizon Center! Whee! [Globe]
  • Saturday's game was pretty frustrating. [Herald]
  • Dear Good Brat: Where are you? [ESPN]
  • The top line needs to get their crap together for sure. [Globe]
  • This lady was the original Bruins mascot from the 70s. Check out that sweet bear head. [Wicked Local]
  • Alex Ovechkin is, admittedly, a great player -- too bad he's on the wrong team. [Herald]
  • Should the Bruins be worried that the Caps are finally playing Dale Hunter's system? [WEEI]

NHL News:

  • Are the NHL's officials losing control of the playoffs? [Senshot]
  • Every series but Bruins-Caps, it seems, has had some nonsense. Philly/Pittsburgh has basically gone Slap Shot. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The post-game shenanigans in the Blues/Sharks game the other day should be put in the past before tonight's game 3. [Post]
  • What universe are we living in? The Canucks are one game away from elimination at the hands of the 8-seed Kings. Go Kings! [Globe and Mail]
  • The Predators are up 2-1 in the series against the Red Wings. Not too bad, Music City. [Freep]
  • Aaand the Blackhawks tied their series up as well, and are now 1-1 against the Coyotes. [Province]