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Fresh Links: I Like Pie Dishes Edition

TIMMY SAYS NO TO TROLLS. Actually, timmy doesn't even know what trolling means. Ask @afgbruins21 about that one. #fact
TIMMY SAYS NO TO TROLLS. Actually, timmy doesn't even know what trolling means. Ask @afgbruins21 about that one. #fact

Daniel Paille's goal last night was a thing of beauty. If the Bruins could get in front of the net and take care of business on rebounds/front of the net passes like that, we'd probably be in a much different place right now. But who cares! It was great, the Bruins won, let's move on from here. Onward and upward.

It's no surprise that it took a bit of nonsense for the Bruins to get going. When their emotions get going, they step their game up. Don't poke the bear - it's an unofficial slogan for a reason. Whatever Capitals fans say, if their team played a clean game throughout and didn't instigate or participate in nonsense, this game might have gone a little differently. Is it too late for them to turn it around and figure their stuff out? Hopefully not.

After the jump, two teams are on the brink of elimination, Brendan Shanahan makes no sense, and the games last night were pretty decent...

Bruins News:

  • Daniel Paille's goal was awesome, let's talk about it some more! [Herald]
  • Also awesome? Zdeno Chara's goal. Nice job, Captain. [Globe]
  • LOL at Caps fans taunting Timmy. It'd be clever if it weren't incredibly played out. [CS Monitor]
  • As the game gets nastier, the Bruins get better. Does this surprise anyone? [Herald]
  • Tim Rosenthal is on the ground in DC covering the Bruins. Follow along if you like travel blogs! [Bruins Daily]
  • Our favorite comedy bloggers rip some Caps bloggers a new one, and it's popcorn-worthy. [Days of Y'Orr]
  • Brad Marchand is not happy with Jason Chimera, obviously. [ESPN]
  • Milan Lucic is stepping his game up. Now to add in the goals pls. [CBC]

NHL News:

  • Brian Boyle is a villain in Ottawa! Hilarious. The Rangers won 1-0 last night. [CTV]
  • The Blues won 4-3, too. Both teams are now up 2-1. [STL Today]
  • Jason Arnott is old and awesome. [STL Today]
  • Why are the playoffs so nasty this year? [The Spec]
  • Yes, let's see Shanahan try to explain this one. Go on. Try. [The STar]
  • The Penguins don't have time to reflect on their series yet; there's still at least one game to go. []
  • The Canucks are sort of boned, barring a miracle. [Sun]

Non-Hockey Link of the Day:

If this picture doesn't get you a little emotional, I don't know what will. [instagram]