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Wednesday Morning Skate: Star Center Crapped on from on High

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A little bit of...different...stick work.
A little bit of...different...stick work.

Housekeeping: Yes, Nicklas Backstrom got suspended one game. If you decide to venture over to Jasper's spot, please remember to follow their Community Guidelines and not make too much of a Masshole of yourself. Thank you and Go Bruins!

Games today:

Possibility of Pittsburgh and Vancouver BOTH being eliminated? Why yes, I will be tuning in, thank you.

As you already know, a star center has been crapped on from on high. We found out yesterday, most of us from twitter. Click through for more.

This happened yesterday:

Regardless of the bird poop, Tyler Seguin should be scoring more. Jerk. In fact, the list of Bruins goal-scorers in the playoffs so far is basically a who's-who of our bottom lines. (And Captain Zdeno Chara, of course. What a leader.) Not that I'm really complaining. We're up 2-1 right now and have won all games that lasted less than 65 minutes.

And if the Caps can keep playing defense like Backhand Shelf shows in their Systems Analyst piece, I'll be a happy camper. Seriously, check that link out.

Non-Bruins Highlight of the Night:

Might be time for Marty to pack it up and retire. Just saying.

Share your "I got crapped on by a bird, too" stories below. Come on, I know it's happened to you, too.