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Fresh Links: No Bird Poop In Here Edition

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I request the highest of fives. No, seriously, I'm really tall and stuff, you need to five me higher than that.
I request the highest of fives. No, seriously, I'm really tall and stuff, you need to five me higher than that.

Two days off between games is the worst, especially in playoffs. Although it gives players time off to do things like hang out with political buddies, get pooped on by birds, and probably go sight-seeing a bunch, it also makes us all antsy as hell. Hopefully the Bruins are enjoying the lovely weather (maybe?) in the nation's Capital, can it be tomorrow now please.

Tonight, at least, there is some entertaining fun times on the NHL schedule. Two teams poised on the brink of being swept, and I guess there's another game too (look, Rangers/Senators is just sort of boring, okay, Henrik Lundqvist is pretty and Brian Boyle is awesome and that's all I've got.)

After the jump, the theme of this playoffs is faily calls/officiating/punishment, and the internet isn't afraid to yell about that a whole bunch.

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins' fourth line is awesome. In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. [Wicked Local]
  • Dale Hunter cried about the Bruins headhunting against Nicklas Backstrom. Yep. [Fox News]
  • Tyler, Tyler, where are you? [ESPN]
  • Dennis Seidenberg is a boss. Remember when we traded for him and he got hurt and everyone was all 'meh, whatever' about him? NO MORE. [Globe]
  • Andy Brickley argues why it's hard to defend dirty hits. Brick is also a boss. [WEEI]
  • Milan Lucic is going to be a player in this series. Actually, he already is. We just need goals. [Herald]
  • The Bruins found their edge in game 3, and need to hang on to it. [Globe]

NHL News:

  • All corners of the NHL lack courage, from the players to the officials to the player safety idiots. [Globe and Mail]
  • Two Penguins were suspended before tonight's game. []
  • A Philly paper has a pretty hilarious cartoon of Sidney Crosby this morning. [USA Today]
  • The Red Wings had an absolute DISASTER of a game last night. Now they're down 3-1. [Freep]
  • One shift at a time, say the Canucks, is how they will win tonight. Go Kings. [Province]
  • Todd Bertuzzi doesn't want you using his ping pong table. Todd Bertuzzi is a playground bully. [Freep]
  • If you think coverage of your local team is bad, try being a Panthers fan. Check out this TV station fail. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • And finally, just a cool picture from DC yesterday: Discovery over Kettler, the Caps' practice arena. [Post]