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Bruins vs. Capitals: Game Four Preview

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One of the big problems with extra days between games in the playoffs is that it gives teams a lot more opportunity to whine.

Mercifully, all of Washington's complaining will be put aside for a few hours tonight, as the Capitals attempt to even their series without Nicklas Backstrom and the Bruins look to put themselves in position to close out the series on TD Garden ice in Game Five this weekend.

After finally solving Braden Holtby in Game Three on Monday, the Bruins look to continue their strong play by dominating the offensive zone and getting bodies in front of the rookie netminder and making the Caps work to clear bodies and rebounds, which Holtby has been very generous with throughout the series.

It took Boston seven periods and 25 minutes of overtime to get back to their physical ways, but as soon as they did, the frustration on Washington's side was evident; the Caps started laying on the late hits and resorting to taunting to trying to get into the Bruins' head.

It was the game that the Caps had been trying to play for the first few games of the series, and had done so successfully, shaking up Boston and throwing the Black and Gold off their game. But Washington's physicality through the neutral zone kept the Bruins from gaining easy entry into the zone and kept the B's away from Holtby. Once Boston turned up their physical play and used their size and strength to their advantage, the Caps were unable to answer.

Can they keep it going in Game Four? We'll have to see.