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Fresh Links: Division Champs Edition

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Fun fact of the day: did you know this is only the third time that the Canadiens and Maple Leafs have missed the playoffs in the same season? Now you know.

It feels good to not have to worry about Ottawa catching the Bruins for the division lead anymore. However, it's also incredibly strange that there's only one week left in the season.

Is it really snowing there? LOL new england.

After the jump, the quiet room is a lie, Patrice Bergeron might win the Selke, and Scott Hartnell doesn't fear the Consol Center...

Bruins News:

  • Bergeron for Selke! No, really this time! [PHT]
  • The Bruins won the division. Now on to bigger and better things. [Sporting News]
  • Jack Edwards did this Spin-a-Thon thing in Beverly yesterday. [Wicked Local]
  • And the Rangers didn't clinch the conference yesterday either, lol. [NY Times]
  • Zdeno Chara is the NHL's 2nd star of the week. [Bruins]
  • This week in awesome Etsy finds: who wouldn't want a winter hat based on Tuukka Rask's mask design? I'd wear it. [Etsy]

NHL News:

  • That Philly/Pittsburgh game was cray. Can't wait to see those two teams rip each others' faces off in the first round. [Puck Daddy]
  • Scott Hartnell has some choice words about the Penguins' arenas, past and present. [NHL]
  • The Flames almost made playoffs when they rebounded really well after losing 9-0 to the Bruins...and then five days in March ended that dream. [Calgary Herald]
  • The Ducks gave Teemu Selanne a standing ovation mid-game, as it could possibly have been his last home game as a Duck. Classy act for a classy guy. [PHT]
  • Joe Colborne got called up to the Maple Leafs. :( [National Post]
  • Matt Hendricks' shootout moves are insane. Where did this even come from?? [Russian Machine Never Breaks]
  • The Quiet Room is a total myth. Really interesting piece on this. [Sportsnet]