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Friday Morning Skate: What Time Is It Edition

Yeah it was pretty bullshit I agree.
Yeah it was pretty bullshit I agree.

Well that sucked. Better analysis of the game in the post below this one. On to the next one...

Games today:

Yes I will be watching Flyers/Penguins for sure. And hopefully the Predators can become the first team to win a series tonight. That would be nice, yes. Get your fang fingers ready!

Non-Bruins Highlight of the Night:

Mikkel Boedker scores his second consecutive OT GWG. Last guy to do that was Joe Sakic, who I hear was pretty good. Reminds me of my Axelsson-Crosby-Boedker top line in NHL 2k11 on my iPhone. Line owned.

Well, it's Friday. What's on tap?