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Fresh Links: Best Of Three Edition

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So the series is even at 4, which means the remaining games are now a best-of-three. Which means it's the perfect time to make a bet!

Becca H from Japer's Rink and I now have a wager riding on this series. The loser has to write a blog post extolling the virtues of the other team. Considering that Becca is a closet Habs supporter, this can only go well if the Bruins win. So for my sake, team - please get this done.

After the jump, Martin Brodeur is a boss, two teams could be eliminated tonight, and rabble rabble Bruins can't score on the power play...

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins couldn't solve Braden Holtby last night. Protip: take better quality shots, kids. [ESPN]
  • The clock didn't start for about two seconds after the last stoppage in play, but no worries, NHL officials had a handle on it this time. [USA Today]
  • Did you see Zdeno Chara and Andrew Ference reenact the scene from Titanic? Well now you can. [CBS Local]
  • What is a power play, what is a man advantage? [Globe]
  • Shawn Thornton is featured in this You Can Play, Unscripted article. Good stuff. [YCPP]

NHL News:

  • Here are the facts about Flyers and Penguins, Game Five tonight. Elimination Station. [CSN Philly]
  • The Blues are really good, you guys. The Sharks could be out tomorrow. [STL Today]
  • Martin Brodeur broke Patrick Roy's record for all-time playoff shutouts last night. [NJ]
  • The Predators are braced for impact. The Red Wings face elimination. TUNE IN FOR DRAMA. [Tennessean]
  • The Coyotes won 3-2 in overtime last night. Could the Coyotes win their first ever playoff series? [LA TImes]
  • Remember that Mike Cammalleri jersey debacle? It's been settled. Hilariously. [PHT]
  • Here are your Calder nominees for the year. #teamLandeskog [ESPN]