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Fresh Links: On the Brink Playoff Weekend Edition

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It feels like most of this season, outside of that amazing run in November and into December and maybe a little at the end of the regular season, the Bruins have been waiting. Hibernating, you might say. Waiting until they really needed it to unleash their best hockey, which we know they're capable of because we've seen it.

Well tonight their backs are against the wall, win or go home, and if they win they go home too I guess, just a lot happier. They haven't been able to really break through in this series, and part of that is certainly the game plan of the Caps and the play of Braden Holtby, but some of that falls on the Bruins as well. But when they faced elimination last year, they always played their best game, and when they do that they win most of the time. They'll need to do that tonight and (hopefully) Wednesday night to advance.

After the jump, playoff talk.

Bruins News

  • Joe Corvo and Patrice Bergeron were both injured last night, though it seems Bergy will be able to play tonight. They need him out there. Corvo's status is unknown, so Mike Mottau might get the call. On a related note, should Corvo have just stayed down when he was injured last night? Claude might have a point about Caps players getting whistles for injuries but when a guy is trying to get up it's tough to call it dead. [ESPN]
  • What is necessary for the Bruins to do if they want to make Game 7, currently "if necessary," necessary. It's not much different than what everyone has said all along: bodies to the front of the net, hit the net, excellent goaltending from Thomas, and maybe a break here or there if they can get one. [WEEI]
  • Tim Thomas is putting Game 5 behind him. They need a big game out of him today. [WEEI]
  • A little more on the injuries last night. God I hope Bergeron can play. Corvo . . . meh. [CSNNE]
  • Not good refereeing last night. Could really say that for almost every game in these playoffs, couldn't you? But the Bruins can't think about that, they need to win tonight even if the refs make a few questionable calls. [CSNNE]
  • In case it's not clear the Bruins need to play a lot better this afternoon. Or they're done. [Globe]
  • Holtby's save on Seguin last night. Watching it again it wasn't as amazing as I originally thought it was but it was still a ridiculous save, especially the stretch he made. Seguin just can't buy a goal right now. [NHL]

NHL News

  • The St. Louis Blues ended the San Jose Sharks' season last night, taking their series in 5 games. So is it time to blow up the Sharks core and rebuild? They could probably make one more run at it, but that team will look very different in 2-3 years. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • A Chris Neil hit on Brian Boyle will knock Boyle out of Game 6 in the Sens-Rangers series. The Rangers are in the same spot as the Bruins, which is really incredible to think about. John Tortorella puts in the same category as the Raffi Torres hit, but it's not even close. It's borderline. And to my surprise Neil is not a repeat offender. [Puck Daddy]
  • Is parity good for the NHL as far as TV goes? Detroit is gone, Chicago is on the brink, Boston and New York are as well, that's a lot of big markets that could be gone. Wyshynski makes a good point in that it will test the true popularity of the league; the NHL has been very lucky the past few years with matchups. [Puck Daddy]
  • Pittsburgh, also down 3-2, travels to Philly today hoping to keep their season alive. Wouldn't 7 games just be so much fun in that series? [TSN]

Go Bruins.