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Fresh Links: SELKE SELKE SELKE Edition

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Congratulations, Bruins: you have outlasted not only both of 99% of the media's favorite picks for the Stanley Cup Finals, but also the Red Wings and the Sharks. If Ottawa and Phoenix close their respective doors tonight, that means only two series will still need to be decided - Bruins/Capitals and New Jersey/Florida.

Am I the only one who keeps forgetting about Devils/Panthers or....?

Also, as I write this, Patrice Bergeron was just nominated for the Selke Trophy! FINALLY.

After the jump, the Bruins are awesome (as usual), the Rangers are in trouble without Brian Boyle, let's laugh at some eliminated teams, and more...

Bruins News:

  • Tyler Seguin got his first ever playoff OT goal. Seguinistas everywhere, get your marriage proposals ready. [Telegram]
  • Game 7? The Bruins eat game 7's for breakfast. [ESPN]
  • Seriously I was way more worried about the losing in game 6. YAY GAME 7 AT HOME! [Herald]
  • Patrice Bergeron has some sort of injury which he is clearly going to play through, okay. [Globe]
  • A horrendously terrible turnover by Nicklas Backstrom cost the Caps the game. [Washington Times]

NHL News:

  • LOL BYE PENGUINS. That Claude Giroux is a crazy man. [Trentonian]
  • Thank you, Kings, for doing what everyone hoped you'd do. [Sun]
  • Now that he's done, let's look at some funny Luongo trade proposals! []
  • This sounds familiar: the Coyotes' power play is in need of a jolt. [AZ Central]
  • The Rangers are on the ropes. [NY TImes]
  • Confused about the Coyotes' ownership situation? Here is a little tl;dr for you. [Biz Journals]
  • Brian Boyle is out, but Carl Hagelin and Daniel Alfredsson are both in tonight. [NYDN]