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Fresh Links: Act Like You've Been Here Before Edition

Big game tonight, Timmy. Big game. Please.
Big game tonight, Timmy. Big game. Please.

Basically, what the headline says. This is not groundbreaking new territory for the Bruins. It's a different team in some respects, yes; there's no Mark Recchi, no Michael Ryder. But in their stead, Brian Rolston and Benoit Pouliot have filled in nicely this series, to be sure.

Tonight, Tim Thomas needs to put on a show of epic proportions. Tonight, the first line of Milan Lucic, David Krejci, and Tyler Seguin need to STEAL that show. Doubly so because of Patrice Bergeron - the solid center is injured, and despite still being great with his usual two-way game on Sunday, it'd be awesome if his team could rally around him and prevent the need for him to try to bail the team out.

Seven and a half hours, people. Gird your loins, because it's about to get real.

After the jump, some stuff on the Devils, the Sharks, and the Canucks...and a neat profile on language in the Bruins' dressing room...

Bruins News:

  • Language is no barrier in the Bruins' room. This is a neat different look at this aspect of hockey. [Globe]
  • Tim Thomas is going to be in a "don't text and drive" commercial. [Network World]
  • Let's take a look back at recent Bruins game 7's. [Globe]
  • Timmy is in Game 7 mode. Good. That is where we need him. [ESPN]
  • The Krejci line, and Thomas, looked like their old selves on Sunday. [Herald]
  • Game 7? We've been here, don't stress it too hard. (okay, stress it. I sure am.) [NYT]
  • Shawn Thornton isn't letting being scratched get to him. [Globe]
  • It's a big night in Boston for hockey - and also in Manchester, NH. The Sparklecats have their first game at home against the Admirals tonight. [Union Leader]
  • No matter what happens tonight, we'll see a handshake line. [Globe]
  • Vote for Benoit Pouliot on TSN's play of the year! [TSN]
  • NHL News:

  • Travis Zajac got the Devils a win and a forced game 7 in OT last night. [Herald]
  • Rookie Adam Larsson is in much the same place Tyler Seguin was last year. [NJ]
  • This year, skills-based teams are outside looking in. [Calgary Herald]
  • Remember how TJ Oshie slept in and missed a practice last year? He's a changed man now, which is good for the Blues. [STL Today]
  • What do no-trade clauses really mean for the Sharks? [CSN Bay Area]
  • Mike GIllis blamed the Bruins for the Canucks' failure to get up for playoffs. HA HA [Sun]
  • Martin Brodeur will play his 10th game 7 on Thursday. [NJ]