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Friday Morning Skate: The Defense Rests

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of course the 8:30 game goes to double overtime
of course the 8:30 game goes to double overtime

Apologies for the technical difficulties yesterday but it's hard to post when you're drunk in a gutter. Anyhow, Devils and Rangers moved on leaving the East as teams-that-have-won-a-cup-plus-Washington and the west as teams-that-haven't-made-the-finals-except-1993-and-the-late-60s.

Round 2 starts tonight:

Predictions: Mike Smith and Pekka Rinne both have good games.

Highlight of the Night:

Dan Girardi puts home the game-winner. Couldn't bear to put in the OT winner. Rangers/Caps should be a shot-block-a-thon, Devils/Flyers is the battle of the sub-par goalies.

Hopefully all the caps fans have already come by to post condolences. If not, caps fan, please post it in yesterday's morning skate, thanks.

Yesterday Birda suggested writing a poem, and if you did, please share below.