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Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Is this the end of Zombie Turco? (UPDATE: NO!)

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Is this the last of these mustard beauties?
Is this the last of these mustard beauties?

As you may already know, Anton Khudobin got called up last night. This doesn't bode well for Marty Turco's chances at playing another NHL game. Poor guy. If he's lucky, he's shown he can win some games and next year a team that is into tanking needs a veteran backup will hire him. I hear Columbus, Ohio is quite nice. Just ask Jeff Carter.

Non-Bruins Highlight of the night:

Stamkos scores 58 with 3 games to go. He's a joy to watch score. I'm also glad he's not in the playoffs this year as he makes defenses look silly.

Everyone knows the Bruins are locked into 2nd, right? Good.