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Wednesday Morning Open Thread: How to post images

No pressure, kid
No pressure, kid

As we're about to head into the playoffs, I figured I'd clue in those who don't already know on how to post images in comments and the etiquette surrounding it (use titles!). With us all working together, we can make everyone's playoff commenting experience a better one.

More of this:

Less of this:

So here's how you do it:

  1. Find a picture you'd like to post. Most people grab their pictures from google image search. So find one that's relevant. This being the open thread, go with whatever.
  2. Once you have your image, you're going to need to isolate the URL of the image. You can right-click on the image and select "Copy Image URL" and you'll get something like this:
  3. Next you should re-host the image so that some hot-linking protection doesn't replace your picture with a dong (actually happened) or warning sign (also happened but less funny) or whatever. Go to and upload the picture, either by clicking "Web" and pasting the URL you got in the last step or uploading the picture (if you saved it from before)
  4. Imgur will give you a URL that looks like this:
  5. Come back to the comments. Always come back to the comments. Either open a reply box or go to create a brand new comment.
  6. Put something in the title bar. It can be simply ".." or it can be a description or it can be really anything. Just put something there so your image can be minimized. Failure to do so will make you a big meanie so please don't do it. Thanks!
  7. Anyhow, in our now-titled comment, click the "image" button:
  8. Then past the image URL in and click "OK":
  9. Click "Preview" to make sure it looks okay, and then click "Post":
  10. Now you're an expert!

Non-Bruins Highlight of the night:

Florida moves their magic number to 1. This is why.

Syn2's quote of the night:

Playoffs are coming. Time for Krejci to actually try again…

Our intention isn't to discuss this... it's to see if you can bleed.

by BobbyOrrsBastard on Apr 3, 2012 8:38 PM EDT

Happy Wednesday y'all. Due to low amounts of response, I'm strongly considering saying everyone should go to the hard rock cafe viewing party put on by the Bruins on Thursday evening instead of the Fours. Rene Rancourt sings, which automatically makes it better than that one I went to like 2 years ago.

By the way, did anyone try the buffalo chicken egg rolls at the Fours last night? Good lord, they were amazing.