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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Thawing out the Frozen Four

lol trolling Connors...but could a repeat of this actually be a good thing for the Bruins?
lol trolling Connors...but could a repeat of this actually be a good thing for the Bruins?

Sure there's a pretty-much-meaningless Bruins game on today, but the Frozen Four final tourney starts tonight!

Programming note: the Viewing party has been cancelled due to it being a slapdash attempt. Maybe head to the one the Bruins are putting on? I wouldn't mind singing the anthem with Rene Rancourt, you know...

  • 4:30pm, Union vs. Ferris St., ESPNU
The Union Dutchmen take on the Ferris St. Bulldogs in what will be both teams' first trip to the Frozen Four finals. I know next to nothing about either team because neither is an established powerhouse. However, both had to beat established powerhouses to get to the Frozen Four. Get on the bandwagon early!
  • 8pm, BC vs. Minnesota, ESPN2
Bruins superstar defenseman prospect Tommy Cross and Rangers superstar forward prospect Chris Kreider take on the one true hockey team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers. If BC wins, they're jerks like usual. However, that makes it a lot tougher for the Rangers to pick him up for the playoffs (and he would help for sure). Guaranteed Kreider's agent and either Garth Snow Glen Sather or a high-ranking assistant will be watching this game together just in case. Something tells me that if the Eagles lose (which they deserve) the ink will be dry on Kreider's contract before he's gotten a chance to shower and change into street clothes. So fans of not-the-Rangers might be rooting for BC in this one.

Non-Bruins Highlight of the Night:

Budaj shows how much of a team #greatesttankbattles player he is by setting up Future Hab Vinny Lecavalier for an easy tip-in. (bahahahahahahahaha)

I've got tomorrow off but I'll have something for you guys