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Fresh Links: Khudobin Time Edition

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It is finally time to see what Qdoba is made of! Anton Khudobin gets the start tonight in net against the Senators. Ben Bishop will start for the Senators. Did you know Ben Bishop is 6'8 and went to the University of Maine? He is the tallest NHL goalie ever, I'm pretty sure.

So it's tall dude from St. Louis vs. crazy dude from Kazakhstan tonight, minus Chara, Bergeron and Boychuk. This has all the makings of a hilarious shitshow, pardon my French.

After the jump, playoff death watch 2012, Cory Schneider pumps Luongo's tires, and the NHL movie that never happened...

Bruins News:

  • Torey Krug was one of two former USHL players to crack the NHL last night. [USHL]
  • Nathan Horton isn't close to returning, but it's still good to see him skating. [ESPN]
  • The Bruins are feeling optimistic going into the playoffs. Sweeet. [Herald]
  • Plus/Minus isn't a very telling stat, but it's fun to look at how the Bruins are dominating the league in it this year. [Puck Drunk Love]
  • Johnny Boychuk's injury might not be as bad as was initially thought. [Herald]
  • Mike Mottau is ready to slot in whenever the Bruins need him. [Metrowest Daily]
  • Chris Kelly doesn't plan to look past tonight's game, as clownshoes as it could be. [ESPN]

NHL News:

  • How can the Capitals clinch a playoff berth and keep the Sabres out? [Washington Post]
  • Bruce Boudreau had dinner with Wayne Gretzky and this story is pretty funny. [Edmonton Journal]
  • The Panthers need one out of a possible four points to win the Southeast. Of course they play the Capitals tonight. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Jonathan Quick should win the Vezina. End of story. [Puck Daddy]
  • Cory Schneider thinks Roberto Luongo should start in the playoffs. WELL, if some ginger from Boston College says it should be so, THEN OBVIOUSLY. [Province]
  • So there's this mockumentary about the Stanley Cup getting stolen that hasn't been made yet. BUT IT SHOULD BE. [Puck Daddy]
  • Here are NBC's plans for playoff coverage. A little different from last year, for sure... [Puck the Media]