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This Week In Bruins History: Bobby Orr Sets Four Records

Bobby Orr
Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr clearly changed the way the defense position was played. No longer did they all have to be stay at home defensemen they could jump into the offense and put points on the scoreboard. During the 1970-71 season Orr put up huge numbers that aren't even seen by the greatest players today, never mind by a blue liner. During the last game of the regular season Bobby Orr earned four records and he did it in style by leading the Bruins to a blowout win against the rival Canadiens.

On April 4, 1971 Bobby Orr set four records during the last game of the season. He scored two assist against the Montreal Canadiens in a 7-2 Bruins win to make a total of 102 for the season. He added 37 goals with a combined point total of 139 points, an absolute ridiculous number for a defenseman to earn in one season. Orr also finished the season with an astonishing plus/minus of +124 for the season. Three out of the four acheivments are still records that haven't been topped yet. Paul Coffey now holds the single season goals total for a defenseman with remarkable 48 tallies during the 1985-86 season.

Bobby Orr tore his body apart during his short NHL career. For the last few years of his career he pretty much played without the full use of his knees and he was still the best player on the ice. He certainly made his mark on the NHL and has been one of the most influential players the league has ever graced the opportunities to showcase his talents. If Bobby Orr stayed healthy for even just a few more years there is no telling what other record would have his name on them.