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Friday Morning Open Thread: Happy Holiday Weekend

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Who's as stoked as this guy after watching Khudobin last night? Sure, it was one game, but the guy proved that he can make it work against a hungry playoff team with a JV defense in front of him.

Does that make Thomas trade-able this offseason? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

A big honorable mention to Greg Zanon, who not only scored the game-winning goal, he also blocked ten shots. And Ottawa had 45 shots, so...that's saying something.

As for your worries about McQuaid: he's good, Julien said his removal from the game was precautionary because he "wasn't feeling quite right." Which is to say that he'll probably be back to punishing the Sabres on Saturday.

Final game of the regular season is tomorrow - and there's absolutely nothing on the line. If you're Julien, do you let Thomas, Chara, et al get some more rest, call up Bartkowski for McQuaid and let Khudobin see some more action?

I think I might. But I'm not the coach.