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Fresh Links: Can We Just Know The Bruins' First Round Opponents Now, Or...

"Man, I am so glad I don't go here anymore." -Chris Kelly
"Man, I am so glad I don't go here anymore." -Chris Kelly

So okay. It's pretty likely that the Bruins will play the Senators in the first round of the NHL playoffs this year. Or will they? The Capitals and Panthers are also options, albeit less likely ones.

Which team would you rather the Bruins face in round 1?

After the jump, an ECHL team folds after a year, a ridiculous non-call in the Sharks-Kings game, and Mark Recchi pronounces hockey names...

Bruins News:

  • Thanks to the Bruins' regulation win last night, the Senators could still potentially drop to 8th place. [Ottawa Citizen]
  • Anton Khudobin looked pretty good yesterday. /Understatement [Globe]
  • Milan Lucic is much healthier going into the playoffs this year, which will be good. [CBS Local]
  • Mark Recchi's Guide To Correctly Pronouncing Tough Hockey Names, via Toucher and Rich. [The Sports Hub]
  • Here's a nice feature on someone you may have never heard of: Kevan Miller, the Providence Bruins' most solid defenseman this year. [Projo]
  • Shawn Thornton thinks whining is hilarious but doesn't solve anything, (cough torts cough). [CBS Local]

NHL News:

  • Ryan Clowe played the puck from the bench. Yep. Ridiculous. [Fox Sports West]
  • After Brooks Orpik's ridiculous knee-on-knee hit last night, John Tortorella went rage-f'bomb-mode. [NBC New York]
  • There's a giant concussion research project starting, and hockey players will play a big role. [THN]
  • Hey the draft lottery is Tuesday! Here are some rules and facts and stuff. [PHT]
  • If you like the song "Red Solo Cup," give this a listen. Seriously. [Youtube]
  • The Chicago Express are folding after a mere one year in the ECHL. [News-Press]
Non Hockey Link of the Day: