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Fresh Links: T Minus Three Days Edition

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Heeeeeeeeeere's Holtby!
Heeeeeeeeeere's Holtby!

So hey yeah cool, three days until the Bruins take on Braden Holtby and the Capitals in the first round of the NHL playoffs. This year has seemed endless at times and incredibly fast-moving at others and it's hard to believe we're here again already.

Also am I the only person who thinks of Slapshot every time I hear Braden Holtby's name? Yes? Whatever. Ned Braden was awesome.

After the jump, where to go to annoy some Caps fans (NICELY), some fancy stats about goals scored in every arena, and a couple of sad-sack teams wrapping up their seasons...

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins are ready to face the Caps. Well, one would HOPE so, right? [Globe]
  • Alex Ovechkin will likely be the focus of the Bruins' defense. [Telegram]
  • The Capitals' goalie situation is less than promising for that team. [Herald]
  • Here is the box score from the last (only) time Braden Holtby played against the Bruins. [Hockey Reference]
  • Adam McQuaid may not be ready for playoffs. [Telegram]
  • Tyler Seguin has hit a bunch of bonuses this year and he COULD hit more. [Globe]
  • Go to Japer's for your Caps coverage this series. They're good peeps. [Japers Rink]

NHL News:

  • The Winnipeg Jets need to change some things before next year. [Sun]
  • What are the top 10 playoff storylines to follow? [Puck Daddy]
  • Who has scored the most goals in every NHL building ever? Check this out. [THW]
  • Steven Stamkos isn't in playoffs, but he got to 60 goals, which is still something. [Tampa Bay Online]
  • The Sabres' season was largely a failure. [Buffalo News]
  • With the draft lottery on tap for tomorrow, Nail Yakupov has retained the top spot in the NHL Central Scouting rankings. Fail for Nail complete! [PHT]