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Tuesday Morning Skate: Crown 'Em

We're going out for PANCAKES!
We're going out for PANCAKES!

The LA Kings are in the business of ruining hopes and dreams and its really fun to watch. Seriously, I'm pretty sure they go through everyday life like that.

Yes, it's pretty fun. They score pretty well, too, but that's a subject for another day. Tonight's games:
Unfortunately there's no western game.

Highlight of the night:

Yeah you didn't think I was going to obsess over the kings and not show Anze Kopitar running up the score short-handed, did you? Of course, Ovechkin DID do a "I can't hear you" move when he scored the gamewinner in NYC. Hmmm.

Yeah. Not that I hate the Blues or anything, but the Kings are running the show right now as they take a 2-0 lead back to the land of 3 playoff teams sharing a building. Sigh...