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Fresh Links: Thanks For The Memories Edition

Remember when?
Remember when?

I ran across an article today, "this day in Bruins history." I was so wrapped up in other things that it was striking to realize that today is the day two years ago when Marc Savard returned to glory, albeit brief, scoring the overtime winner against the Flyers in game 1 of round 2.

Do you remember where you were when that happened? Remember how that felt? It was incredible. I know that personally, I shrieked so loudly when he scored that goal that my dad ran inside to make sure I wasn't being attacked by something. Hilarious.

Anyways...less sads, more links. Here we go!

Bruins News:

  • Here's the last Merlot Line blog of the year. [Herald]
  • Homg, a Shawn Thornton highlight reel. [Rant Sports]
  • At least the defense looks good moving into next season. [Enterprise]
  • Can we keep the Merlot line together, pls? [Herald]
  • Is Tim Thomas going to stay with the Bruins next season? [CBS]
  • The Niagara IceDogs are facing the London Knights in the OHL finals. Jared Knight vs. The Dougie! [The Star]
  • Let's watch this OT goal again. 5/1/10 never forget. [Youtube]

NHL News:

  • Holy shit, Kings. [SF Gate]
  • Ilya Kovalchuk is out for tonight's Devils vs Flyers matchup. [WSJ]
  • Yuck. Check out this bruise on Sami Lepisto's leg. [Deadspin]
  • Hey, let's follow IIHF Worlds! Here are the longshot teams. There's a Bruins prospect playing for Norway. (Lars Volden, G) [Puck Worlds]
  • You know what's awesome? Parity in the NHL. [The Score]
  • The Rangers don't have much margin for error now that they're headed to DC tied 1-1 in the series. [NYDN]