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Monday Morning Skate: Nickname Proposal: Dwight King is "Ozymandias"

Behold ye mighty, and despair!
Behold ye mighty, and despair!

It looks like the Kings will never lose an away playoff game again. They're now 6-0 away, 3-1 at home. That's a .900 total win%. That's pretty nuts. Can they be stopped? If not I hope they continue being unstoppable in the Finals.

Games today:

  • 9:15am Belarus v Germany
  • 10:15am Latvia v Denmawk
  • 1:15pm Kazakhstan v Finland
  • 2:15pm Italy v Russia
  • 8:00pm Devils @ Rangers (0-0) NBCSports

Yeah it's pretty lackluster but I'll watch anyways.

Highlight of the weekend:

Derek Morris is not only still in the league, he also scored from the red line. Way to go, dude.

What's your favorite IIHF Power Ranking?