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Tuesday Morning Skate: France could knock Slovakia out of the IIHF tourney

Chicago could have used this goaltending.
Chicago could have used this goaltending.

France is making a run with Merrimack Superstar Stephane Da Costa and Cristobal Huet. And why not?

IIHF Games, and what's at stake:

  • 5:15am Canada v Belarus (Belarus must get at least 1 point or be demoted for 2014, Canada sits in top spot)
  • 6:15am Norway v Denmark (Norway win could get them to face Sweden instead of Russia)
  • 9:15am France v Slovakia (A French Regulation Win puts France into the knockout rounds and Slovakia out)
  • 10:15am Czech Republic v Germany (Czech win cements game against Sweden)
  • 1:15pm USA v Switzerland ()
  • 2:15pm Sweden v Latvia (nothing at stake, Sweden locked into 2nd and Latvia out)

Should be fun.

NHL Game:

Definitely staying up late for this one.

Highlight of the night:

I loathe the Rangers and Devils so here's the Mic'ed Up Highlights of Coyotes/Predators. Did Doan really call Derek Morris SloMo? If so, I'm laughing a lot about that.

And on a related note to the general theme, Cristobal, Save Us All