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Friday Morning Skate: See you later, suckers!

Ozymandias rides again!
Ozymandias rides again!

Yep looks like the Kings won again. No hockey tonight. I'm off to Hong Kong for a week so I'm just going to write up what I assume will be the topic of the day and/or maybe something else for next week.

So enjoy your brief respite from my incoherent rambling. I'll miss you guys.



  • 7:00pm Edmonton Oil Kings vs. Shawinigan Cataractes, NHLNetwork


thanks to Arenacale for the heads up. I have disgraced the morning skate.

Highlight of the Night:

Ozymandias does his thing. He's got as many goals as OWNze Kopitar these playoffs....and is outscoring the Coyotes in this series. Yeah. The whole team.

I hope the Kings enjoy their time off next week while the Rangers and Devils take turns throwing games in an effort not to get beat by LA.