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Fresh Links: Teach Me How To Douglas Edition

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Killin' it in the OHL finals.
Killin' it in the OHL finals.

There's a nice discussion about Dougie Hamilton in the post below this one. Basically, Dougie in the NHL needs to happen like yesterday.

Cool things about today: It's the 45th anniversary of the Leafs' last Cup win. If you're bored, head on over to PPP and let them know about it.

Who's watching which playoff games tonight? Did anyone watch Devils/Flyers? Where did the Flyers defense go?

After the jump, more end-of-season thoughts, and one thing about each current playoff series...

Bruins News:

  • So let's look at the Bruins' goaltending sitch. [Herald]
  • Why did our scoring forwards go quiet in playoffs, and what's to be done to fix it? [Enterprise News]
  • Tyler Seguin's third season will be his toughest test yet. I mean, he IS turning 21... [CBS Local]
  • Zdeno Chara and David Krejci are heading to Europe to play in Worlds. [Enterprise News]
  • Here's a report card on Gregory Campbell. [Bruins Daily]

NHL News:

  • Marc Bergevin is in as the Habs' new GM. Start making Jeff Goldblum/Raptor Jesus jokes now AND GO [Gazette]
  • More deets on the Radulov/Kostitsyn situation. [Tennessean]
  • The Kings aren't going to sit on their two-game lead, oh hell no. [STL Today]
  • Here's a nice little story about Shane Doan and Mike Fisher being friends. [ESPN]
  • The Flyers sort of imploded last night against the Devils. [CSN Philly]
  • The Rangers are off to DC....and by train, no less. [NYT]
  • Russian Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov is staying in the KHL because he's afraid he won't make the Olympic team if he comes to the NHL. Interesting... [Post]
  • Would the Penguins ever trade Evgeni Malkin? [PHT]