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Monday Morning Skate: Dwight King Scores Hat Trick to get Kings to Finals?

Bongarts/Getty Images

Editor's Note: Cornelius wrote this on Friday and it is presented unchanged, save for the above picture, which just proves how awesome Zdeno Chara really is.

Dwight King scored a Hat Trick on Sunday and the Kings are going to the finals for the second time ever. I don't think Kerry Frasier even missed him high-sticking a dude!

Games tonight:

  • 7:00pm Dougie Hamilton's Saint John Sea Dogs vs. Edmonton Oil Kings, NHL Network
  • 8:00pm Rangers v Devils (1-2) NBCSports
This is nice of the league as you can watch Dougie do his thing and then flip over to the end of what I'm sure will be a one-goal game for the last bit of it.

Highlight of the weekend:

Dwight king scoring a hattie, obviously.

Top of the morning, y'all!