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Fresh Links: Royal Imitation Weekend Edition

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With a win today in Game 4 against St. Louis, the Los Angeles Kings can reach the Western Conference Finals. The Kings have surprised a lot of people coming from the 8 seed, and by beating Vancouver probably gained a lot of fans in Boston. Not to mention that Jonathan Quick went to Umass-Lowell. With hot goaltending and scoring throughout the lineup, the Kings look like a team that could do what the Bruins did last year. Meanwhile, my boys in Nashville will face elimination tomorrow by Phoenix, and if they go down it's going to be a tough call between Phoenix and LA to root for. Either way I want a West team to win it all.

Bruins News

  • KPD's take on who the Bruins will and won't resign, in photo gallery form. [Globe]
  • Cam Neely with a strong statement that appears to be in response to Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand's comments about not being able to find the same motivation as last year. Cam's right, naturally. [CSNNE]
  • Marc Savard did a radio interview recently, which is good to see. He still has symptoms, though, which is terrible. I don't really understand why there's even any talk of him coming back these days. [CSNNE]
  • The Jacobs are planning a major development on the site of the old Garden which sounds a lot like Patriot Place, on a smaller scale. They're also looking into a new practice facility closer to Boston than Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington. [ESPN]

NHL News

  • Darryl Sutter has the Kings on fire right now. [ESPN]
  • Real bad headshot in yesterday's Kazakhstan-France game by a French player. That would be quite the Shanaban. [Puck Daddy]
  • USA! USA! USA! Jack Johnson, former King, scored in OT to give the US a 5-4 win over Canada at the World Championships. [Puck Daddy]
  • Alex Ovechkin probably won't face any discipline for his hit on Dan Girardi last night. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Dale Hunter called the hit "incidental contact." That's a joke. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Kings didn't have a great regular season, hence the 8 seed, but they're peaking at just the right time. [TSN]