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Sunday Afternoon Hockey Watching Open Thread

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Two big games on the slate today. The Kings could absolutely crush Sarah's dreams and eliminate the Blues in four games and basically set up the most West Coast Western Conference Final we've seen since last year when Phoenix inevitably dispatches the Predators (sad face).

Later this evening, The Flyers will attempt to avoid what NBC will tell us is a certain elimination if they go down 3-1 to the Devils, all the while doing away with the memory of Philadelphia doing that terrible thing that they did two postseasons ago that nobody around here really cares about anymore because, well, the Stanley Cup.

I don't know if the Kings have it in them to hold off a hungry Blues team, but they've held off everything that's come their way so far and they've actually become quite a bit of fun to watch (and root for, sorry Connors). I can't actively root for the Flyers so much as actively root against Flyers' opponents, but that team is still awfully fun to watch, as postseason enigmas go.

Anyway, enough of my talking. Let's watch some hockey.