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Monday Morning Skate: America Beats Canada At Hockey Again This Weekend

Gettin' real mad about US TV Rights
Gettin' real mad about US TV Rights

Hey did you know that the IIHF worlds are going on? Yeah, they are! Of course, NBCSports has the rights and they think the year is 1980 because they aren't showing the game live. For example, the USA beat Canada 5-4 in an overtime thriller on Saturday afternoon. Here's what the NBC NHL Overflow channels were showing instead of this exciting game:

Noon NHL Plays of the Week Kentucky Derby Prep Infomercials(!) Game Starts
12:30 NHL 36: Patrick Kane Kentucky Derby Prep Infomercials(!) first period ends
1:00 NHL 36: Patrice Bergeron Kentucky Derby Prep Infomercials(!) second period
1:30 NHL 36: Nicklas Lidstrom Kentucky Derby Prep Infomercials(!) end of 2nd/begining of 3rd
2:00 NHL 36: Mike Richards Kentucky Derby Prep Infomercials(!) 3rd period ends
2:30 NHL Plays of the Week Kentucky Derby Prep Infomercials(!) Team USA wins in OT

Yep. NBC hates america just that much that they would rather sell "Insanity Workout" or whatever instead of showing our glorious boys in red, white, and blue dropping another win on Canada. A shame, really.

Games Today:

  • 9:15am France @ Canada
  • 10:15am Czech Republic @ Norway
  • 1:15pm USA @ Slovakia
  • 2:15pm Denmark @ Sweden
  • 7:30pm Capitals @ Rangers (2-2) NBCSports
  • 10:00pm Predators @ Coyotes (1-3) NBCSports

A pretty full slate. Reminder to self: actually get some work done today.

Highlight of the Weekend:

America, baby. America.