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Tuesday Morning Skate: Dwight King Wins Stanley Cup For Los Angeles

If you love it, let it go.
If you love it, let it go.

(t)He(y) did it! Congratulations to Dwight King and the supporting cast of the 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings! I hope they enjoy it! Congrats especially to Wil Wheaton and The Royal Half and all the rest. For the Devils, well, here's hoping the Bruins win 5+ more before you get another sniff.

No games until September :(

Highlight of the night:


Apologies about the 2 ads in the way pre-video, but it's the only one I can find right now. It would be on youtube but EMI are a bunch of jerks who block all of their content in 231 countries. If it appears elsewhere with a song from a less-fascist label then I will replace this one/post it, depending on when it happens.

Once more, here's to the Kings:


So, what's your favorite memory from this year's season?