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Monday Morning Skate: Good Riddance to Stephane Auger!

Career Highlight
Career Highlight

Yeah this happened on Friday but whatever, I want to talk about how Stephane Auger is a terrible ref and it's awesome that he's no longer going to screw up calls in Bruins games in the National Hockey League. Of note: Auger is only 41 so between that and this Dave Shoalts tweet, I think he was so bad he got fired. Which is, uh, kind of amazing.

So yeah he got himself fired. Roberto Luongo, who is literally the best athlete on twitter, had a few words to say about it, too:

Some other reactions:

A great day for all involved.

Stephane Auger Makes A Bad Call Highlight:

There are other examples (like when he took Stanley Cup of Chowder Favorite Alex Burrows aside during pre-game warmups, told him "I'm going to get you" and then proceeded to call a bazillion penalties on him. Not that I particularly like Burrows but Auger was just terrible)

Who's your least favorite ref? Favorite ref? (Active, I mean. Yeah I'm talking to you, leafs fans)