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Friday Morning Skate: (Dr?) Brian St. John and....

Jordan Caron went 25th but whatever.
Jordan Caron went 25th but whatever.

Tonight is the NHL Draft so that should be fun. Bruins have the 24th overall pick and Peter Chiarelli wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a defenseman. So...that would be cool, yeah. Where to watch:

  • Round 1: 7pm, tonight, NBCSports
  • Round 2-7: 10am, tomorrow, NHL Network

Tune in!

The only other time the Bruins have ever drafted someone 24th overall was in 1968 where they selected Brian St. John out of the University of Toronto. He didn't play a single NHL game. He might be a family doctor in Uxbridge, ON but I'm not sure. What I'm saying is that the bar isn't very high for "best 24th-overall-bruins-pick."

Enjoy watching, y'all!