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Hitting The Links: Three More Days Of Quiet Edition

I think this guy would look pretty baller in black and gold, to be honest.
I think this guy would look pretty baller in black and gold, to be honest.

So FREE AGENT FRENZY!!! is only four days away. Who's excited? With Pouliot gone, it's sort of a given that the Bruins are going to have to make a signing of some sort. Or a trade. Let's get speculating. Could they trade Tim Thomas and some other stuff for a top 6 winger? Could Zach Parise, Shane Doan, or Jiri Hudler (what a stupid name) be wearing Black and Gold next season?

Whatever the case, I'm ready for Canadian media outlets to just start melting down over minor trades, because free agency is hilarious.

After the jump, Dougie Hamilton is NHL-ready, Jeremy Jacobs gets a place in the Boston Sports Museum, Adam Oates was a punk in high school, and more...

Bruins News:

  • Shawn Thornton speaks on Tuukka Rask, Malcolm Subban, and the Merlot Line. [WEEI]
  • Jeremy Jacobs, on being honored by the Boston Sports museum. [NESN]
  • Is Dougie Hamilton really ready for the NHL? [WEEI]
  • Ray Bourque is happy that his son is a Bruin. [WLBZ]
  • Great piece from the DC Sports Bog, digging out some articles circa 1998 on Adam Oates. [Post]

NHL News:

  • Youngster John Tavares is hoping to be a leader in the upcoming CBA talks. [Sportsnet]
  • Ralph Krueger will be the new head coach of the Oilers. [NHL]
  • Why do Buffalo's acquisitions so often fizzle out? [Buffalo News]
  • Shane Doan is a free agent EVERYONE PANIC! [Puck Daddy]
  • Where did the Kings' championship puck go? They want it back, you guys. [LA Times]
  • Jordan Staal's contract negotiations have begun. [News Observer]