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Fresh Links: Development Camp, Day One Edition


Hooray for Development Camp! Although there's not much monotony to break up this summer, what with CBA talks, crazy free agency/trading, and the recent draft, it's still good to see the kids take to the ice and show us what they've got. Apparently Malcolm Subban is continuing his troll life ways and wearing #81, Dougie Hamilton looks bigger, and Jared Knight looks stronger and faster. It's fun to watch these kids grow from year to year and this summer is no exception.

After the jump, details on Dougie Hamilton, a history of Bruins' dev camps, the LA Kings jump into the You Can Play pool, and more...

Bruins News:

  • The Bruins are reeeeeeeeeally close to re-signing Tuukka Rask. OH THANK GOD. [WEEI]
  • There are some really high-end youth at Development Camp this year. In the first year, 2007, that wasn't necessarily the case. [Globe]
  • Development Camp is where kids learn all about the Bruins' ideals. No, they're not learning how to run goalies and goon it up, thanks. [Herald]
  • Andrew Bodnarchuk is going to free agency; the Bruins did not qualify him. Are the B's finally draining the pool of undersized AHL defensemen? (answer: no.) [Metro News]
  • Might the Bruins make a bigger splash in the trade market than free agency this year? [ESPN]

NHL News:

  • Sidney Crosby is getting paaaaaaaid, yo. [SBN Pittsburgh]
  • Rick Jeanneret will call every Sabres game this year. WE ARE NOT WORRRRRTHY! [Tonawanda-News]
  • Here's the newest You Can Play, featuring Dustin Brown and Alec Martinez. []
  • The temporary salary cap is $70.2 million, although there's no telling if that will hold. [Star]
  • Ken Hitchcock also got paaaaaid. Hooray for job security. [Blues]
  • Here's a list of some other crazy, historical off-season trades, just for funsies. [THN]